Monday, June 6, 2016

The little fly that could--my E.L. or epoxy leach!

Have you ever had a fly that works, but you didn't know why? As the old term goes I would rather be lucky than good applies to this little gem I created. I caught several fish on this fly before I really thought about why it works. Out the water it doesn't look like much, but in the subterranean world this little fly carried all the characteristics that made it a fish killer.

This Williamson Redband is part of a growing group that finds the E.L Fly appetizing

The first attribute of it fishiness is the slim profile. on slow rivers such as the Williamson and Wood most of the swimming nymphs keep a slim profile as they emerge through the differing stratospheres. Proportionally the epoxy leach mimics them amazingly well.

The second thing about the E.L. is that the epoxy makes the fly dart sporadically through the water. With the pulsation of the marabou tail the E.L. spells disaster to a trout's instinct, eliciting ravaging strikes from the huge predatory red bands of the Klamath Basin.

Finally,  the E.L. contains just the right amount of flash (thanks to the Vevus) and a gas bubble look (thanks to the loon uv) that drive even the most wary trout mad. All emerging insects create a bubble of gasses around them when they emerge, unless you imitate this bubble in some your fly will look like an imposter.

Even though the E.L was tied to mimic a leach, you can see how well it takes on a Nymphal accident this fly has been one of my top Southern Oregon producers, maybe it can be one of yours on purpose.

Some E.L's ready to swim!

Use Daiichi nymph hooks.

Add Black Marabou

Wrap shank with .015 lead to get past neutral buoyancy.

H13 Vevus Medium Tinsel.

Add Black VEVUS holographic tensile.

I love the Loon thin UV

Cure the UV bubble


An E.L ready to swim...expect vicious strikes  

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  1. Looks like a well thought and proven fly for you, I am planning to tie some of these and fish it in the gold lake this weekend ? You think it would be good lake fly too and how would you fish it in lake ? Thanks for your advise.