Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Trout Spey Revolution!

There have to be a few instances when you can't spey for Trout, but I can't think of any...ok well maybe up stream dries. 
Join the Revolution!

The Trout Spey Revolution has begun and for good reason, it is deadly effective. With more and more Manufactures jumping on the trout spey revolution the fishing possibilities are endless. Companies like Airflo, OPST, Echo, and LTS all make tactical spey gear for both double and single handed fly rods.

With todays short fat skagits I can throw mini intruders, monster zonkers, and huge meaty flies that I never could before. This has taken my Williamson river fishing to a whole other level. I was finding traditional skagits to long for some of the runs I fished before as they didn't leave me much room to strip. The Williamson is a fishery where the strip is an essential as those large Predatory Redbands like to see movement. With Todays shorter skagits, and switch lines you will have plenty of running line to strip after your swing. Beyond their "stripability" these short bruisers make it easy to cover all of the water column. all I have to do is carry a Skagit and tips. I fish from a light Polly intermediate to a 6' chunk of T7 with my 220 grn Commando Head, try doing that with at regular 6wt weighted forward. just think of the possibilities that a chunk of t7 will bring to your favorite trout stream...To the Williamson its been a revolution.

If skagits and stripping aren't your thing, you can still join the revolution. Companies like LTS are making triple density scandis that turn over like butter and land so gently that they wont be noticed by even the wariest of trout. the cool thing about these type of heads is that they swing strait. there is no heavy back taper that swings lower than the fly. They also come in several different sink rates. from the FHI to the 135, they will cover any water you'll find.

Its a brave new world, the Trout Spey Revolution has begun, those who have become part of its movement are growing their trout game exponentially, the sky seems the limit as to what new presentations we can come up with. With all these new tools at hand, you'll be able to open up areas you previously thought were out of your reach. More importantly, you'll rediscover the fun. Only one question remains...will you join the revolution?

A Full Quiver...From singlehanders, to switch, and full can Spey them all!

Only on the Trout Spey!

Keeping it mellow!

Up your Trout Spey Game.

The Rewards are Great!

Cover it all!


  1. For larger rivers/wider spots on almost any river ... with low water conditions ... these are the way to go. I, at 74, call them an 'all day rod.'

  2. Very nice job on the blog...informative article and fly. Good luck.

  3. Very nice job on the blog...informative article and fly. Good luck.