Thursday, April 14, 2016

Welcome! This is Gonna be Fun

Trout Spey
Rogue River Trout
Hello all, I decided to make a blog that would consist of nothing but Spey fishing for Trout and all the entails. I am the owner of the blog and I have shared a ton of trout information over there, but I thought it was time to have a blog that did nothing but explore this brave new world called Trout Spey.

Master of the swung Nymph!
Trout Spey has really caught on the last few years, the main reason is because it is so versatile and fun, and brings us back to some of our roots, at least for me it does. I grew up swinging flies. early on I was influenced by my Grandfather, Paul Pursell, and Polly Rosebrough. These guys all swung bamboo rods and silk lines for trout. Polly realized early on the effectiveness of the wet fly when fished at the right moment during the hatch. He even wrote a book about it Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymph. Don't let the name fool you, this book isn't so much a book the type of nymph fishing we associate with nowadays but rather its mainly a book about swinging emergers. In the early 80's I followed the indicator crowds, and like most anglers of the day acquired gear that was more in tune with that style of fishing while my old sinking line setups sat in the corner and collected dust.  

It wasn't until the mid 90's that I started to revisit trout on the swing again. Spey fishing had consumed me. I loved all things spey and decided I would start fishing my home river, The Williamson with Spey Gear. at first I looked funny with a 7130 swinging big leaches, but the rod didn't look as near as funny when it was doubled over! From that day I never looked back. My rods have shrunk considerably and I no longer have to cut and build my own heads as there are several companies that now produce them.

So join me as we move this sport forward and share ideas, rivers and flies, looking at all things Trout Spey.

Trout Spey
Williamson Redband that came to a Trout Spey


  1. You are must be reading my mail! Very interested in learning more. I have a sweet little 5 wt that is made to order. Thanks. Ed

  2. Right on Ed! good luck at SOR and I hope you enjoy that 5 wt. Spey fishing and trout were made for each other.

  3. Ok, loosening the purse strings for a couple of trout spey setups.
    Looking forward to this Nathan.

    1. Nice Harry, there are some great trout speys out there. they are super effective and super fun to fish.

  4. I fished your waters back in the late sixties with my Dad. We'd camp at Collier State Park and fish Spring Creek and the Williamson. Mostly Spring creek as access to the Williamson was a little limited. Have not been back since 1970, but I sure would like to fish there again. My Dad started me on on fly tying career with the paperback copy of Polly's book. We bought a mess of his flies at the Chiloquin store and caught some great fish on them, swinging them like described in the book. I spent years using my own copies of those flies all over the country catching every thing from smallmouth to steelhead. It is interesting to me to see the resurgence of dubbing loops which as you know where an integral part of Polly's style. Have been fishing a 10.5 foot minispey with a 200 gr commando head and having a blast. Used it extensively last fall on the Madison for Browns running up from Hegben Lake. My friend builds really sweet trout speys that really perform with the new short heads. His name is Robert Sherrill (TXTrout on the Spey Pages board). He builds mainly custom bamboo, but since I turned him on to swinging flies he has been building light trout speys on 10 and 12 foot graphite blanks. Check him out.

    Glad I stumbled onto your blog. I really need to get back that way soon.

  5. Right on Bud! The Williamson is special and so were the people who taught me how to fish it. Please if you like what you see here pass it around. It would be cool to get content from other bloggers as well. Ill have to check Roberts work out as well. thanks for reading.