Thursday, April 14, 2016

Chucking some meat! Airflo's new Switch Streamer Line Review!

Right before he straightened the hook. Maybe I should lay off the Navy jokes! 
Have you ever wished you could toss heavy polly leaders or short t7 and t11 sink tips with your mini speys? Do you fish for river carnivores with your back against the wall, and have no room to cast? Don't you wish you could strip your piece of the trout gravy train within close proximity without pulling the head into the guides? Well your in luck! Or should I say, I'm in luck! I just got this new 4wt Tactical Switch Streamer line from Airflo and had to put it to the test.

This cool little line is shaped like a small Skagit with a heaver than normal running line fused into it. the color of the head is easy to see from above and super stealthy from below. I complained about the oversized running line until I realized it would be a bummer to strip flies with a thin diameter mono or even coated running line--duh! The little Skagit loved all the waterborne cast  most Skagit fanatics are use to, but it did require me to compact my movement as it was only a 18' head and I have been throwing Scandi's most of the winter. the little head turned even the densest of all my pollys over with ease, and that's saying something as I was using a 10'8' 4wt. The chunky little head weighed in at a slim 300grains yet slopped the meat out there like a Navy cook--and just like a Navy cook it must have had all its weight right up front. (disclaimer: I am a Coast Guard Veteran so I have been cracking sarcastic Navy jokes for over two that I think of it that's not much of a disclaimer, is it, oh well) Anyhow, if your looking to advance your trout spey game, throw mini tips, and sound the dinner bell check out this little line, I'm sure its gonna help me call out some Williamson Red Bands, like a pig farmer yelling SUUUUUEEEEEE!
Notice the Skagit Switch Resemblance?

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  1. Cheers from Poland. I also use this line, primarily in winter/early spring season for brown trout. Easy to turn over 10' T10 with some heavy tungsten-head sculpin at the end. But' I found a drawback on this line - thick running reduces casting distance. I can compare with pair OPST head+lazar shooting line, which casts farther. But, it offers some advantage - thick running facilitates easier stripping. Also, it's quite good to shoot overhead for much greater distance as a conventional overhead line (if there is a space behind).